Welcome to the Privacy Policy of Email Buzz, we are delighted to have you here!

At Email Buzz, we understand all the user concerns and give these queries as well as online privacy our utmost importance. All the details are collected with your consent when you sign up for our newsletters or other services. Kindly remember that all the information you enter on the website is accessible to all, so do not give any sensitive personal details. 

What is Automatically Synced When You Visit Us?

The second you open our website, certain information may automatically be collected, these include cookies, your IP address, characteristics of your operating system, information about your browser, web beacons, etc. 

Cookies are files that can store information about users on their computers. We use cookies as well as other types of local storage on our site. 

Tags are placed all over the website and the emails we send to manage automatic data collection. Also, web beacons are the files that are used for connecting web pages to particular web servers and their cookies.

They can be used for scrutinizing how users steer through the site, counting the number of visitors, evaluating how many emails sent by us were opened as well as the number of articles or links that get viewed by the visitors. 

How Do We Use Information Collected?

The information we collect is used for a number of things, such as,

  • To offer services and products as per your interests.
  • To improve our business as a whole.
  • To respond to queries, requests, and comments to provide support.
  • To meet the requirements and the company’s policy.
  • To perform analytics regarding the use of the website.
  • To provide opportunities to participate in events, programs, contests as well as other similar activities.
  • To protect against identity theft, fraud, and all the other illegal activities.

When Do We Share Information?

The information provided to you is shared with services that work with us, in order to safeguard your details to a greater extent. A few major reasons why we share the information are,

  • To internal stakeholders for the purpose of business.
  • If we require providing the disclosure as to how our company has suffered any sort of harm or loss.
  • In cases of a legal process or required by law.
  • For analytical and statistical purposes.
  • Also, when required by the advertisers to understand the basic nature of the user base.

Our Safeguarding Data Process

The website takes appropriate technical, administrative as well as physical measures to safeguard your data from unauthorized and unlawful alliteration, loss, use, or destruction. Even though there is never a thing like a guarantee for the security of the information transmitted online, we use high-technology encrypted security technology that protects and safe-keeps your data.

Children’s Privacy

Our website is not designed to be used by children. Hence, we do not collect the personal data of all the children below the age of 16. If, for some reason, such data is collected, we get rid of all such data instantly. 

Data Retention and Access

We retain the user’s data as long as the purpose of the data is completed. We may preserve data for a longer span if it is required by the law, or if that particular data can resolve disputes with any parties or conduct business overall.

All the personal data that is retained by us will always comply with our privacy policy.

How We Inform You About Changes in This Privacy Policy?

At Email Buzz, our privacy policy gets updated by us frequently. We inform you about all the changes through emails or our website. 

Ethics Policy

Our contributors are the ones who create and publish content on our website. Further, they are paid for the content they provide to us. We make sure that these contributors are made aware of all the legal requirements and how to maintain ethical standards. 

The writers and the contributors provide advice as well as information that they want to provide. A lot of research and experimentation is done by all these contributors and writers for the content that is made available for the readers on the website. The use of this website, by you, is subject to the Terms of Use.