When you try to create a new Google account, it asks you to submit your phone number to stop spam emails, identity verification, additional security, and refrain users from automating the creation of accounts. However, many users prefer not to provide it to protect their personal information. If you are one of them, do not worry!

In this article, we are going to explain the detailed process for how to create a Gmail account without a phone number on Android, iOS, and desktop devices. 

How to Create a Gmail Account Without a Phone Number on Android and iOS?

The process for how to make a Google account without a phone number on Android or iOS is given below. Follow the step-by-step process to successfully create the account.

  1. First, go to Settings on your device, scroll down, and navigate to the Password & Account/Accounts & Sync section if using an Android.
    Open Settings then Accounts and Sync

    In the case of an iPhone, visit Settings > Mail > Accounts

    Settings then Mail and then Accounts

Note: After this step, the process on both Android and iOS is more or less the same.

  1. Next, tap on the Add Account option. 
    Select Add account
  1. Now, select Google and verify it’s you. 
    Tap on Google
  1. Tap on the Create Account option given on the left side of the page. 
    Select Create account
  1. Click on the ‘For my personal use’ option.
    Tap on For my personal use
  1. Submit your First and Last name and hit the Next button.
    Enter your First and Last name
  1. Set your basic information, such as your date of birth and gender, and then tap Next
    Set Date of Birth and Gender
  1. It will now suggest some Gmail addresses for you to choose from, or you can tap the ‘Create your own Gmail address’ button, enter your email address in the box that appears, and click Next
    Enter a unique Gmail address
  1. Then, set a strong password with a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols and tap Next
    Set Password then Next
  1. After that, Google will ask you to add a phone number. Scroll down and tap on the Skip button. 
    Tap on the Skip button
  1. Review your account info and tap on Next
    Select Next btn
  1. Finally, read the Privacy and Terms, scroll down, and select I agree.  
    Check Privacy and Terms then select I agree

Congratulations! You have successfully signed up to Gmail without a phone number. You can switch to this new account at any time and, if you want, add your phone number later for verification.

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How to Make a Gmail Account Without a Phone Number on Desktop?

You can create a Google account without a phone number on a desktop by following the given steps:

  1. First, open the preferred web browser on your system and select the Sign in button from the top-left corner of the page. If you’ve already logged in to another account, go to the Profile icon at the top > Add account > Sign in
    Select Sign in
  1. Now, click on the Create Account option. 
    Click on Create account
  1. Then, select the For my personal use option.
    Select For my personal use
  1. After that, enter your first and last name, a unique username, and a strong password in the given fields, and hit the Next button. Remember that your username can be a combination of letters, numbers, and a full stop, whereas your password should consist of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. 
    Enter details then select Next
  1. On the next page, Google will ask you to submit a recovery phone number and email address along with your date of birth and gender

    The phone number and email are optional, so you can leave them blank, and select the Next button after filling in other details. 

    Enter the details and click on Next btn
  1. Then, read all the Privacy Terms > scroll down > click on I agree.
    Click on I agree

Finally, the process of Gmail sign-up without a phone number is completed, and you can easily use all the Google services on your system. 

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Why Does Google Account Ask for a Phone Number?

This is one of the most common questions that many users ask while creating a new Gmail account. Here are the reasons for this: 

  • Identity Verification

    If you have forgotten your password or lost access to your Google account, the mobile number serves as the recovery option to verify your identity and regain control.

  • Anti-spam Protection

    Your mobile number verifies that you’re a real person, not a bot. This minimizes the possibility of fake accounts, which saves from spam and automated junk mail sent from Gmail’s server.

  • Extra Authentication Factor

    Your phone number adds an extra layer of security through two-factor authentication. This means that even if someone knows your password, they will be unable to access your account without the phone number, as Google sends an OTP to the number for verification. 

Although adding your number has some benefits, you can easily make a new Gmail account without a phone number as it is completely optional.

Final Words

We learned the step-by-step process to create a Gmail account without a phone number on your mobile devices and desktop. However, it is suggested to opt for some other ways, like opting for a prepaid or virtual phone number to create a new account. It will help you backup your Gmail account and regain access if you ever forget your password.

It is up to you how you want to proceed with the account creation. Nevertheless, we hope that you are now clear on how to make a Google account without a phone number to keep it confidential!

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Ans: You can simply create a Gmail account without a phone number by heading to the Add Account section from Settings, following the prompts, and skipping the ‘Add a phone number’ option.

Ans: You can skip the phone number verification on Gmail by tapping on the Skip button when Google asks to provide your phone number.

Ans: You can create at most 4 Google accounts linked to the same phone number.

Ans: Yes, you can set a backup code for the 2-step verification in case you lose access to your phone number.



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